Live Drawing at night of the Arts in Helsinki part of ALIASING – exhibition at MUU gallery.

on Thursday 23.8. 19:30-


Starting at 19.30, a live drawing performance by Emma Fält; a non-verbal dialogue with the kinetic structures of the Aliasing exhibition. Performer and visitors can participate using social media, a touch interface and their physical presence.

“I invited Emma to perform and live draw in the gallery space of MUU, acting as an agent of the ecosystem I built in the exhibition. I asked to move in relation with the mirror structure, thinking, focusing and building a dialogue with the transitory images reflected.As an outcome, the drawing of the performance will remain in the space and become part of the exhibition. I wish the installations will be extended by what she will be leaving,  less confined by their size, less of an object and more of a part of a continuous process.” ALIASING aka Roberto Pugliese

“I have thought about the ways we are touching and touched by each other through the social media. How does it feel like to be liked or bullied there? How does it feel when you are touching or being touched by someone virtually? How our identity and self-image are formed through these, almost random and sudden acts?

What I am drawing here is inspired by the movement material and gestures we use when operating with mobile devices, they way we touch equipment. Is that the way we want to touch each other?

With the live drawing created with and in the installation by Roberto Pugliese I am exploring and tracing  emotional processes, that we go through while navigating in the social media environments. It is my attempt to understand that ecosystem, finding my own place there, finding sense of control and possibilities to change the way it affects me.

The drawing is made both on physical and virtual canvases. The installation will be transformed by visitors that are reacting, posting and affecting the performer by their acts.” Emma Fält

2 thoughts on “SAD SWIPE TAP LIKE

  1. I am thrilled to learn of your steady development and progress.
    I hope you can soon manage a vacation, visit me and the many museums here inCalifornia

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