On Loneliness and contact workshop at Draw to Perform 2016

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Visit to Draw to perform symposium 31.7.2016

On loneliness and contact – workshops series

15 participants

Materials: Ink, Sticks and Brushes on paper

Duration: 1 hour drawing and discussion

Workshop is a journey through loneliness. Group will create collaborative drawing by using Ink, brushes and sticks and leaving traces of their movement and sounds on paper.

This work done in group proposes ways to study contact with other and self. Workshop ponders the limits of ones physical body. It explores the space between energy and emotion, where the words have disappeared or not yet born.

 Background: The project started as a social project with a group of young people in Northern Savonia, Finland. Work has been going on now for 2 years and is done in collaboration with The Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland (ITAK) and supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.


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