Happening soon in collaboration with Arka Paikka and friends:

Nino N Arkapaikka
Arka Paikka, Galleria Kulma 2014, Photo: Nino Nokelainen

EF & Arka paikka

Drawing at Jynkkä studio (Aapatie 1, B-talo 70780 Kuopio)


Open studio for anyone interested of drawing/moving/togetherness

Sat 10:00-15:00 & Sun 12-15:00


Drawing Symposium  27.5.-16.6.2015 in Joensuu

with Arlene Tucker http://arlene.edicypages.com/ and Arka Paikka


More info coming soon 🙂

This all Happens with the help from Itäinen tanssin aluekeskus and Taike

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