Dreaming, Hanging, Lap


Dreaming, Hanging and Lap

Site-specific drawing installation for the group exhibition OMEGA 3

In this work I encountered building, the old linseed factory in Mooste, Estonia like it would be someone like a friend.

I spent around three weeks in MoKs residency and created two large scale drawings that were traces of our meetings.

I agreed to stay there around, inside and next to the building every day for several hours.  I improvised the acts by listening, touching and sensing the environment.


Builing as a friend:

Work consists three parts:

Uneksiminen/Dreaming. 1,5m x 10m. Ink on paper.

Riippuminen/Hanging. 1,5m x 10m. Ink on paper.

Sylkky/Lap. 20 Petri glasses, things in them found from the factory,Overalls, breathing mask, brushes, notes all gathered to create drawings

The work gathers together materials and traces from drawing practice with the old lindseed factory between 24.4. -15.5. Together with, in and around the factory, we did 16 acts of drawing on paper using Ink, water and many found materials. Main scene for the drawing process was the top layer of the factory where I was able to open up to environment and let my line free.

Acts/Materials in chronological order:

  1. Lying/Seed pile
  2. Crossing/Linen and Hemp
  3. Dangerous Picnic and Running Girls/ Snags, brick, plastic, moss and willow branch
  4. Visiting/ Unpractical shoes
  5. Looking in/ Numb feet
  6. Climbing/ Movement in 4 points of the compass
  7. Cutting/ drawing with a glass, gathering dust
  8. Hanging/ Movement when hanging in different ways
  9. Hanging 2/ Nails, ropes
  10. Looking at hanging/Paper is hanging
  11. Peeling / Overalls, box of cigarette
  12. Recording/ brush
  13. Grasping/ hands, gloves
  14. Breathing and hanging/ beans and dust
  15. Horizontal hanging / movement dialogue with the dust
  16. Recording/ All materials gathered in the studio

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