Drawing Sounds Diary

This is a diary for drawing & sound experiments. My attempt is to find new ways of thinking about drawing and making it.

I will ponder the relationship between the trace, gesture, sound and touch. I am inspired by connecting with the surroundings and matter, improvised acts of drawing and nonverbal dialogue. In this diary I will post images, sound samples and ask the following questions among many more:

  • What is a drawing?
  • What inspires me to draw?
  • How does it sound like when I am creating drawings?
  • What can we communicate through the acts of drawing?
  • How does the act of drawing/listening effect on understanding my surroundings?

The last but not least the reason for making this diary is the desire to learn more about sound technology and sound in general. I hope that some of you could be inspired or interested in following ones learning process in drawing and sound.

290520 Sand

2905 iso

The sand I am using in this sound clip is from different sources:

From the arctic seashore in Finnmark, Norway and from Papinsalo island in Kuopio, Northern Savonia.

I was playing with the materials on top of a wooden table and a drumhead. There were certain improvised gestures inspired by the nature and state of the sand.

What was happening during these recordings was simply playing with the possibilities of sand that moves on the plate/drumhead. I tried to create different sound qualities, rhythm, melody, patterns and textures. When composing in Ableton, I played with simple ideas and basically studied the program while doing.

I was thinking about the space, time as well as how the different sounds play together. I tried not to edit too much what I recorded, but it is was challenging because of the possibilities what one can do to play with the sound. Next time different 😉

When I am listening to the sample it reminds me of the water, the movement of the waves. The movement that continues creating traces that repeat vanishing endlessly. The beauty of those traces is in their endless transformation and momentary nature. That reminds of freedom.

The images below present the process and the gestures made during the process of making. Swipes toward and away or passing the microphone, fingers swirling, fumbling, dropping on top of the sand and tapping the surface.


020620 Rhythmical properties of sand and two hands moving on different surfaces.

To continue from the previous experiment, I would like to dig deeper in different qualities and elements of the soundscape. What kind of sounds and sound qualities am I able to create with hands and sand? I will continue by creating another type of drawing/soundscape using the same substance, two hands in dialogue and mimicking each others gesture.

In today’s experiment, my attempt is to study the rhythm, the timing of events on a human scale; of musical sounds and silences that occur over time.