​TtD 2018 Symposium​ – The Secret Drawing Room, BFI, Southbank, London

June 5-6th 2018
‘Drawing Rocks’ will bring together leading researchers, educators and drawing practitioners to continue our exploration of what drawing is, what it does, and how it does it.

To this end, we will share drawing practices and research findings, and discuss the many roles of drawing, .

The 2 day event will consist of practical workshops, presentations of recent cognitive research relating to drawing practices and learning, and discussions.

Please contact brewdrawing@gmail.com to reserve a place or to request further details.

More info at http://www.angiebrew.org/symposia–publications.html



Prohibited line, Riina Näsi
Remembrance Through Drawing
Heidi Hogden

URBAANI VIRTA – Street art project in Kuopio


Olen iloinen saadessani työskennellä yhdessä Urbaani Ry: n kanssa jo toistamiseen.

Tällä kertaa yhdistyksen taiteilijat maalaavat sähkökaappeja projektissa, joka tapahtuu yhteistyössä Kuopion energian kanssa.

Ensimmäiset kaapit on jo maalattu ja projekti jatkuu ja toivottavasti leviää koko kaupunkiin sekä haja-asutusalueille!

Piirrän oman kaappini Vuorikadun ja Kirjastokadun kulmaan viikon päästä. Luvassa on uusia tuulia, uutta tekniikkaa ja piirros, joka on aistittavissa myös muilla tavoin kuin silmillä 😉

Tule katsomaan urbaania virtaa ja tekjöiden hienoja teoksia, sekä sanomaan moi!


I am very happy to be able to work again with Urbaani Ry – street arts association at Kuopio!

This time artists are painting electric cabinets in a project that happens in collaboration with Kuopio Energy.

First cabinets were painted during Kuopio Design week (https://dwk.fi/) and hopefully it will spread its roots also out from the urban area of Kuopio!

I will draw/paint my own piece to the corner of  Vuorikatu and Kirjastokatu next weekend. Work includes some new technology, technique and hopefully result is a drawing not only for retina;)

Come to see all the artworks and say hello!


Meanwhile look at the pics:

Infoa ja uutisia : http://www.urbaani.org/2018/03/urbaani-virta




DoBeDo workshop at the RAI Conference on Art, Materiality and Representation

We are happy to hold DoBeDo, Drawing to Converse – Workshop at Drawings Of, Drawings By, and Drawings With…panel at the RAI Conference on Art, Materiality and Representation at SOAS/British Museum in London from 1st to 3rd June 2018.

In Dobedo- workshops all the participants will put aside verbal languages and communicate solely through drawing, to explore the universality, power and limits of collaborative drawing.

Yours, Angie and Emma


This panel considers drawing and other inscriptive practices and their relation to creativity. Drawing, broadly, is considered as a form of knowledge production, leading to questions about the nature of the knowledge produced, how it differs from other forms, and the uses of that knowledge.

Long abstract

Inscribing marks into surfaces remains a relevant form of creative practice in this digital age. Drawings and other inscriptive practices are, however, often dismissed in a variety of ways: relegated to the status of images or objects of study rather than representing an understanding of the world in their own right. The status of drawing and other inscriptive practices in producing alternative forms of understanding remains contested, even in supposedly friendly disciplines such as architecture.

This renewed focus on creative practices within anthropology offers an alternative to art-historical modes of inquiry which, whilst important and useful, do not tell us everything about a drawing, notation, diagram or map, often neglecting the very making of the thing.

This panel is proposed in order to investigate a range of aspects of drawing. More broadly considered as inscriptive practices including diagrams, notations, and other forms of mark-making, drawing remains a crucial component of a number of creative practices from architecture through to fine art. The panels invite accounts from both practitioners and anthropologists, particularly when the practitioners are anthropologists.

It is envisaged that the panel will consist of three sessions:

(1) Drawings Of;

(2) Drawings By; and

(3) Drawings With.

Part 1 will focus on drawings made by the contributors, discussing what they are drawings of: be that their own bodily capacity, studies of material culture, movements or costumes; Part 2 discusses methods and approaches towards the drawings made by others, and how to better understand them. Finally, Part 3 involves the practice of making drawings: live demonstrations and practical workshops.

HaMiffal – residency

I will be working in a very interesting project during the Christmastime:


Hamiffal, “The Factory,” is an art project that turned an abandoned building in central Jerusalem into a temporary cultural hub and a public home for creativity. This is the sixth project of the Empty House group and like previous projects, it is a multi-faceted operation. In many ways, Hamiffal is a factory of art, operating dozens of artists who use the space to produce and present their work. In other respects, it is a collective operation whose main production is a new urban space and a community that evolves in the process. As of today, there are dozens of participants from Jerusalem and the rest of Israel who are producing work in a variety of mediums and disciplines. Anyone interested is invited to join at any time and make an impact. From this perspective, Hamiffal is a work of art produced by the general public and in a constant state of construction.




Thank you for amazing collaboration ANTI,Pinari + pedot and artists!

photo: Eerika Jalasaho 2017


Future DiverCities Lab -taiteilijat, Joseph O’Farrell, Anne Roquigny, Davor Sanvincenti, Nastja Säde Rönkkö ja Chris Higgins sekä kuopiolaiset taiteilijat Anniina Aunola, Emma Fält, Eerika Jalasaho ja Ilkka Kivelä työskentelivät viikon ajan Pinarilla, Petosella osana Future Diver Cities – hanketta.

Lisää hankkeesta:


Future DiverCities Lab: Avoin kutsu