Käsintekemisen ääniä – Sounds of making by hands

You can listen to the sketching and planning a street art piece in Kuopio. All sounds are hand made using pencil, sticks and ink and recorded during the sketching process. Final painting on the street (see photo below) was inspired by the sounds we produce by using our hands and the sounds of the environment.

When you encounter this painting on the street, save the qr-code, take a look and relisten to this:


Sketching and playing with sounds of the drawing.

Recording: Timo Knuutila, 2018 Kuopio.

Recorded at homestudio in Kuopio just before painting this piece,


One thought on “Käsintekemisen ääniä – Sounds of making by hands

  1. OH Emma….You are playing our song….at least I know it. I was able to sing along. Michael.

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