Visiting Art and Urban Planning seminar in Kemi 27.4.


I am happy to travel to Kemi to participate in a seminar about art, cities and urban planning this week. I am going to share thoughts (and of course some dreams) about Shared Futures – a project that this year reaches its 4 years age! We have worked together with Anna Maria Väisänen, Roberto Fusco and 60+ people as well as many visitors who were walking with us in Kuopio and Mikkeli. Little did we know when we started planning on listening walks in the city, drawing dialogues and drawing sound experiments with invited guests. We feel that it is a good moment to share with other art practitioners as well as architects and the audience what we have learned and what are our hopes and dreams about living areas in the future.

The event is organised by Piste Kollektiivi a collective of artists and art educators who share a passion to do art in relation to their community. Cross-art Collective Piste produces high-quality and distinctive contemporary circus, dance and theatre performances and applied art projects.

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