Workshops in Karakallio last week

Our feet were listening to Karakallio in pleasant spring weather with students from the local secondary school.

Thank you to everyone who participated last week in the Listening Positions – workshops. Now I am much wiser about the area and its specialities. Many of the public spaces around here are important to the people of the area. The common wish seems to be that much of what is now understood as Karakallio would stay the same at least when it comes to suburban forests. Also, it was decided together that pizza, heavy metal and suburban forests as well as friends will not disappear from here for at least 100 years! People will say goodbye soon to their shopping mall, but the memories seem to be vivid!

A student created a pain curve about how it is to be without their mobile phone during the workshops.

The participants were listening in many different ways and together we shared thoughts on what is it that we hear and how that affects us. We also did some drawn sketches about our feelings and tried to map what we pay attention to. In the end, everyone did a little imagining exercise about what Karakallio will become 100 years from now in their personal utopia.

Now I am working towards a new sound art piece, the third and final part of the project. Stay tuned!

Blindwalks with friends and the listening drawings looking at the environment. Photos: Hanna Häkkä 2023

Sunny hi from Kuopio, Finland!