Global City Local City Lab at ANTI 2020

It was a great pleasure to be one of the artists at GCLC Artist Lab at ANTI Contemporary Art Festival this year. I felt priviledged to just be at a live art festival now that every live event is a little miracle. Our project was about thinking about art work and making in a global world, the relationship of local/global. We were not only thinking about but also actively testing different ways of working from distance. We worked with international group of artists online and at the festival center in Kuopio City.

Hyperlocal livestream at ANTI festival center

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Tuesday 20.10. – Saturday 31.10.

The Global City Local City lab brings together artists and curators whose work centers upon hyper-localised or locally-responsive approaches to place, responds to local sites, or engages with local histories, situations or conditions.

Memories of Taipei – screening

The lab participants make art through experimentation, research and share knowledge, experiences, questions and perspectives in relation to the making of hyper-localised locally-responsive work.

Global City Local City is a new international platform – initiated as a collaboration between ANTI Festival in Kuopio, Finland, Reykjavík Dance Festival in Iceland and The Map Consortium in the United Kingdom. After the Kuopio lab, we organise a lab in Reykjavík from November 10th to 21st 2020.

During the festival week, the lab artists and curators will open their process to public through discussion meetings and artistic interventions.

Lab Artists & Curators

Memories of Taipei – work in process with Anna Nykyri, Ding Yun Huang, Taiwan, Glyn Roberts, Australia and me

Based in Festival Centre, Kuopio:

Emma Fält, Kuopio, Finland
Henna Kaikula, Bromarv, Finland
Anna Nykyri, Helsinki, Finland
Päivi Savolainen, Kuopio, Finland

Connecting from their international locations:

Sean O’Brien, Reykjavík, Iceland
Cat Bagg (Field Notes), United Kingdom
Ding Yun Huang, Taiwan
Glyn Roberts, Castlemaine, Australia

Chris Higgins and Martin Gent from The Map Consortium are facilitating the lab remotely from Hastings, UK.